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Community Guidelines

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edited August 2018 in Forum Rules

Welcome to the Design Cuts Forum! We want this group to be the main community hub for Design Cutters everywhere to get support, share their work, share ideas, collaborate, and most of all have fun!

Please be considerate of the following rules:

  • Please do not post links to other marketplaces or bundle sites
  • Please do not use this as a forum to sell your goods, services or products
  • Please only share relevant content around the areas of design
  • Please be wary of copyright, and don’t post or edit other’s work without permission
  • Please refrain from posting nudity, violence or content of adult themes
  • Please avoid posting political content
  • Please ALWAYS be considerate of others. Our community is known for its supportive members and positivity. Be careful to encourage others and provide help where possible.

Please do not be offended if we remove a post or comment that does not adhere to the above guidelines. We’re not here to be restrictive, but we do want the best possible group for everyone.

Absolutely NO spam. Spammers are banned immediately.

Please note we may occasionally share our most recent bundles/deals for group members to discover.

Here's a link to this weeks forum call and you can always send me a DM if you need any help in the forum:

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