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A little Illustration that I'd like to update and improve

Hi all! As a follow up on the community hangout today I'm posting some older artwork. This is a card created from an illustration that I drew several years ago. I made the patterned papers in the background to match it, and I'm fairly happy with those, and I like the vintage-y feel of the little girl, but there's definitely room for improvement and I'd love some feedback.

This was digitally drawn and colored with a mouse, and I think that it's a tiny bit stiff, and the flowers might be a bit awkward in her hands. The shading is a bit off - the dots were a brush I tried to create myself with no pressure sensitivity tools, so that's a clear area for improvement. The part that I think most needs help is the face, which just isn't quite right (though I'm not sure precisely what isn't working for me). I'm ready to start again with the tools I have at hand now, and I'd love some feedback from all of you on what could be done to improve her!


  • JemJem Posts: 848 mod

    @Barbara.A - I don't know if this helps at all, but the first thing I thought when I looked at her was that she looked a little stooped. Then I realised it was because I couldn't see her neck. I think adding her neck in there would help :)

    That aside - it's a lovely little illustration!

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  • Barbara.ABarbara.A Posts: 541 mod

    Thanks so much, Jem! Yes, you're right! The inspiration for this was a photo (my grandmother as a toddler), and I think she might have been hunched up a bit in it. A neck would be a great improvement. :)

  • ClaudiaClaudia Posts: 1,896 mod

    @Barbara.A that's your grandma? aaaaaaw how precious

  • andrikoandriko Posts: 49 Enthusiast

    @Barbara.A sweet little card and as Jem mentioned, a neck will make a big improvement. May I add my 2cts? I'd exchange the red blossoms on the right side with some white margarits which a slight green touch like those -> click

    Taking the arrangement of the red flowers, try to exchange position so that the bigger one is below and underneath the smaller one.
    Looking forward to your improvements. And thank you for sharing

  • Barbara.ABarbara.A Posts: 541 mod

    Thanks, Andriko! The comments on the card design are spot on. I think the white daisies would look fantastic with the colors of the card. I need to plant some next year and press them!

  • bijutohabijutoha Posts: 9 Newbie

    Skillfully or proficiently, a good design. @Barbara.A

  • BiggiBiggi Posts: 23 Fan

    I think this is a really sweet card @Barbara.A

    I hope it’s ok to add my thoughts to everyone else’s. I’m finding the shadows a little inconsistent. It looks like the big oval has a slight shadow to the right whereas the round ‘A cheery hello’ is to the bottom left. That makes it a little confusing to the eye. I would also try to not add a shadow to the girl to make her sit ‘in’ the oval, like a drawing rather than slightly floating above unless of course that’s the effect you want. Instead I would add a shadow to the large flowers on the right to lift them up and enhance the fact that they sit on top of the rest. Does that make sense?

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