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Do you use ProCreate?

If you use ProCreate, let us know below and if there's any particular ProCreate packs you'd love to see on Design Cuts, please post your suggestions below, so that we can check them out :D

Do you use ProCreate? 31 votes

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JeffTormod HalvorsenDavid BarrowsHeatherWHannah BurgdorfTraceyBiggiGuyJChris Gibson 9 votes

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  • Barbara.ABarbara.A Posts: 732 mod

    I've just started and have no idea what I'm doing. But I'm pretty sure I want more brushes. Once I have them I'll figure out what to do with them. ;)

  • Tormod HalvorsenTormod Halvorsen Posts: 120 All Star
    edited January 22

    I have it, and it sure is nice, but I don't use it. If only I could draw or paint...

    Affinity Designer is my main weapon of choice.

  • PaulHallamPaulHallam Posts: 63 Enthusiast

    I would love some nice textured watercolour packs, gouache, or acrylics.

  • EdnalynEdnalyn Posts: 180 All Star

    I've just got Procreate last month and I think I have too many brushes at the moment. I would definitely love to see colour swatches and worksheets bundles for Procreate! :)

  • JemJem Posts: 938 Champion

    I do. I've had it for a while, though I'm pretty poor at drawing/painting - I use it more for messing around with typography a lá @Ian Barnard :)

    Photographer | Graphic Designer | Cat Mum | Film Watcher | Music Listener | Yorkshire Lass

    Instagram: @shutterjunkie | Twitter: @photographerjem

  • RuthRuth Posts: 137 Enthusiast

    I'm still learning to use it, and just messing around right now trying to get comfortable with it.

  • Tranquil LensTranquil Lens Posts: 322 Champion

    I was eyeing these from Stefan Kunz. https://www.typoxphoto.com/shop1/paintmarkers


  • SJ- Community ManagerSJ- Community Manager Posts: 874 admin
    edited January 25

    This is awesome feedback guys! The incredibly talented @Ian Barnard will be on our next Community Hangout call next week too talking all things ProCreate, so if you're not already signed up, you won't want to miss it 😊

    Here's a link to this weeks forum call and you can always send me a DM if you need any help in the forum:

  • Pam McClungPam McClung Posts: 46 Fan

    I would love to but my iPad is too old I think. I have one on order at work but it's taking FOREVER for them to get it for me for some reason. (like it's been over 6 months!) Maybe if that ever comes in I can try Procreate.

  • Jennifer WagnerJennifer Wagner Posts: 4 Newbie

    My pc has been acting up for the last year or so, but I have been having so much fun with ProCreate that I barely ever use Photoshop and don't mind too much that my computer is slow. I love it, the only thing that makes me a bit crazy is the layer limitations but now that symmetry, clipping masks and the shapes options have rolled out I have really transitioned over to it. I use it for photo manips, making art journal pages, some graphic design stuff, lettering, sketching and painting portraits etc.

    I think brushes would be great, I am on the lookout for good painterly style ones. Also maybe template files that could be layered files that include a watercolor paper texture or canvas texture, chalkboard texture etc...something like that.

    I have been going through all of my Photoshop brush packs that include .png versions and converting them one at a time to ProCreate brushes...it takes forever and is super dull, so I definitely would love more brushes.

  • Emily ClarkEmily Clark Posts: 2 Newbie

    Yes, I just recently started using it because I got a new iPad (not a Pro - just the regular 6th gen) and was pleasantly surprised to learn that it is compatible with the Apple pencil! (The first non-pro iPad which is). So I got an Apple pencil for Christmas :smile: I'm still getting the hang of it but thankfully I already had a few brushes and packs to test out in it from previous DC bundles and freebies from various sites.

    I am loving the new Procreate section of the marketplace! Currently "building a bundle" in my cart. (And finding it hard to stop, lol).

    I would love to see some of these in the DC marketplace or bundles, because it is my preferred place to buy from where possible (I found these through CM but have linked to their main sites instead):

  • Adriann_CuratorAdriann_Curator Posts: 8 admin

    Thank you for all the lovely suggestions!

  • freesouthjerseyfreesouthjersey Posts: 11 Fan

    I am super partial to well designed textures. I think the basic inking and sketching brushes that come with Procreate are the workhorses but I don’t use much else that comes with the program. Custom made brushes that have really great textures are my jam - I’ve been using a lot of gouache and stipple brushes lately. I also really like tools that help with layout like grids and builders. :)

  • This is so good to know guys thank you all so much for the feedback ❤️

    Here's a link to this weeks forum call and you can always send me a DM if you need any help in the forum:

  • Richard LyallRichard Lyall Posts: 1,212 mod

    @Barbara.A said:
    I've just started and have no idea what I'm doing.

    The story of my life!

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