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Good scanner recommendations please

designthoughtsdesignthoughts Posts: 90 Enthusiast

Hi everyone,

I am looking for scanner recommendations please. I am currently working up some watercolour illustrations that I am going to bundle together for my Creative Market shop, but I need a scanner to scan them into my computer before digitising them.

I currently have a canon lide 25, but when I got a macbook it stopped working, so as my scanner is probably 12 years old now, I think it's probably time to get a new one. I wondered if anyone has any recommendations for one they might have that scans in at a good resolution that keeps details really well.

I can normally get away when I am doing vector stuff, just taking a pic on my phone, but as it's watercolour I need to find something that picks up the details well.

Thanks so much in advance :)


  • Barbara.ABarbara.A Posts: 732 mod

    I don't have any ideas for you on this, but it's something I'm hoping to look into myself once I graduate as I've started to do some watercolors and want a way to digitize them.

    I've looked at some online reviews but would really love to hear from someone I know in the industry, since online product reviews are often bought and paid for.

  • JeffJeff Posts: 653 mod

    While I cannot suggest one particular model over another, based on what you want to do you'll need to look for something which:

    1) Allows for a very high resolution scan e.g. get one which has best optical resolution of between 600 and 1200 dpi. Watch out for the marketing speak for a scanner which may talk about increased resolution which they do via software, etc., but it is scanning at the prime optical resolution of the scanner which you really need to do.

    2) Make sure that whatever scanner you choose you then make sure to get it properly colour calibrated by being able to scan in a reference colour chart (look up 'IT8 target' in Google) and then be able to properly generate a profile for it so that your workflow is colour calibrated all the way through i.e. camera, software, scanner, monitor, printer, etc.. If you do not do this the colours in the scan which display on the monitor will not match the colours of the original watercolour.

    3) Make sure that the scanner bed is big enough to accomodate your watercolours.

  • designthoughtsdesignthoughts Posts: 90 Enthusiast

    Thanks @Jeff much appreciated and useful tips to look out for

  • JemJem Posts: 938 Champion

    I can't really offer any recommendations either, because my awesome scanner is now ~15 years old haha

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