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Have we got any digital or paper scrapbookers in our community?

Have we got any digital or paper scrapbookers in our community? 23 votes

Yes! Me!
Pam McClungDeborah Braunmulrooney.colleenDKchantelkruger15pj.brinsJennifer WagnerPowderKimmarkefJodiofTSSABen Thaiangelahinksman@yahoo.co.ukbookmarketingmadeeasycropmom66lynnpremo 15 votes
JeffRichard LyallsouthernhorizonsHeatherWbri.sctEdnalynmarty@martytoons.comPaulHallam 8 votes

Here's a link to this weeks forum call and you can always send me a DM if you need any help in the forum:


  • JodiofTSSAJodiofTSSA Posts: 1 Newbie
    Yes! Me!

    I am a digital scrapbook designer and have been digital scrapbooking since 2007.

  • Pam McClungPam McClung Posts: 38 Fan
    Yes! Me!

    I am a crafter in my spare time but I make cards and gifts for family and friends more than I actually scrapbook - but there is a LOT of overlap in the tools and techniques. I did do some digital work for a while also because a friend got me into that but I haven't picked that up for a while. It can be fun and relaxing after a day on the computer - it is fun to get a bit hands on for a change.

  • Jennifer WagnerJennifer Wagner Posts: 4 Newbie
    Yes! Me!

    I voted yes, but I haven't done straight scrapbooking often lately. I am more of an art journaler which I think overlaps with scrapbooking

  • PowderKimPowderKim Posts: 2 Newbie
    Yes! Me!

    I've been scrapbooking for 20 years. I've taught & owned a scrapbook supply business for 8yrs. About 5 years ago I started going digital. Sometimes I work in both paper & digital. As a mixed media & acrylic painter sometimes even that spills into my digital world.

  • DKDK Posts: 1 Newbie
    Yes! Me!

    I put my photos in an art journal style book and use a lot of materials and fonts. I live in the Colorado Rocky Mountains and need more elements that can work with scenic photos, wildlife and wildflowers. Cute stuff just doesn't work but I use a lot of other watercolor elements and paint effects. I use a lot of products from Anna Aspnes.

  • lynnpremolynnpremo Posts: 10 Fan
    Yes! Me!

    My style is varied, and I prefer to print pages rather than use paper and glue as I once did.
    Your offerings are a great resource and the quality is outstanding! Thank you!

  • chantelkruger15chantelkruger15 Posts: 3 Newbie
    Yes! Me!

    Yes me but not a pro just love doing it

  • bookmarketingmadeeasybookmarketingmadeeasy Posts: 1 Newbie
    Yes! Me!

    I'm a student of digital scrapbooking, from an artistic point of view. I think there are so many interesting things you can do when you "paint with graphic elements." I use the techniques for creating wall hangings and images for physical products.

  • angelahinksman@yahoo.co.uk[email protected] Posts: 1 Newbie
    Yes! Me!

    Another digital scrapbooker here. I proudly designed for Serif.com’s Craftartist software, back in the day. Now using my iPad to scrapbook and loving it!

  • markefmarkef Posts: 1 Newbie
    Yes! Me!

    Yes I am not a pro but just love scrapbooking, now looking at the art journal side of things,
    I am no artist so here's hoping.

  • marty@martytoons.com[email protected] Posts: 43 Fan

    Not a scrapbooker myself, but I would love to know what type of digital content those who are, are looking for.

  • mulrooney.colleenmulrooney.colleen Posts: 19 Newbie
    Yes! Me!

    I'm not a scrapbooker per se, but I LOVE creating digital elements and papers for digital scrapbookers, especially animal lovers. One day, when my time isn't swallowed by so many things, I'd love to sit and create beautiful pages with gorgeous backgrounds and elements and fill scrapbooks that illustrate the lives of my dogs and horses <3

  • Adriann_CuratorAdriann_Curator Posts: 8 admin

    Hey guys! :)

    It would be super awesome if you guys had some recommendations! I have loved reading through your processes and experiences with scrapbooking! If you have any designers or websites you regularly buy your scrapbooking products from I would love to hear what they are! feel free to send as many or as few recommendations I always appreciate reading them. <3

    Ps. Also really keen to know what you guys actually like to use? :p
    Letters, ribbon, shapes? what are the must-have products for you?

    Thank you so much

  • bri.sctbri.sct Posts: 7 Fan

    No, but I often use digital papers in my composites and photo-manipulations :smiley:

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