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Tune in to watch Tom LIVE on the Futur Podcast Tonight!

I'm so excited to let you all know about a special live session our CEO & Founder @Tom Ross will be hosting at 9pm UK time tonight with Chris Do on The Futur. It's called 'How to Successfully Sell Digital Design Products Online'.

We get asked about this all the time, so if you sell design products, or are interested in doing so, we highly recommend tuning in! It's going to be value packed.

Here's a look at what Tom be talking about:

The 3 elements to focus on to create winning products.
Real casestudies from some of our most successful shops
The best ways to stand out in a busy market
How to present your products in way that makes people want to buy them
What bonus value adders to include in your products
How to build a compelling brand around your products/store

You can register for the event over on their Facebook as well as watching it over on YouTube.

Here's a link to this weeks forum call and you can always send me a DM if you need any help in the forum:


  • Nick PolifroniNick Polifroni Posts: 21 Enthusiast

    This was great!! Thank's @Tom Ross for doing this. I missed the live stream, but we brought up the replay on the television and watched it.

  • Barbara.ABarbara.A Posts: 706 mod
    edited March 14

    Hey friends! If you missed this (like I did) I thought I'd post the direct link to the video so that you don't have to hunt for it (like I did). :)

    I'm still watching, but so far it's really great! My favorite thing? They both coordinated what they wore with their background. Very design-y. Never mind, my favorite part is all of the awesome information.

    Even though I'm not going to be making products right away when I go freelance next month, most of the tips Tom shared apply perfectly to how I can stand out as someone providing a service, as well.

  • I'm eager to watch this from start to finish... it's a topic I'm deeply interested in at the moment, and from little I caught from watching the very end when it was. live, it is full of helpful info... Thanks for doing that @Tom Ross

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