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Let's talk textures! (Here's some stuff I'm doing with them!)

ratpersonaratpersona Posts: 5 Newbie

So I was never strongly suited to hand lettering or using anything other than The Round Brush ™ in photoshop/procreate - as a traditional artist mainly the transition to digital left my brain SUPER fried because obvi, they do not behave the same way.

That being said, I'm working on all of the above, and here's some recent stuff. Along with that, let's talk texture and your favorite methods, tutorials, and brushes!
((yes I draw a lot of rats))
(((((((sorry not sorry)))))))


  • JemJem Posts: 933 Champion

    They are so cute @ratpersona and you're totally living up to your username :D

    Photographer | Graphic Designer | Cat Mum | Film Watcher | Music Listener | Yorkshire Lass

    Instagram: @shutterjunkie | Twitter: @photographerjem

  • RonHRonH Posts: 24 Enthusiast

    I really like the texture work you've done here. I'm not very good as an illustrator, but I like texture brushes from Retro Supply Co, Grut, True Grit Texture Supply, and Trailhead Design to muck up some of my stuff.

  • ratpersonaratpersona Posts: 5 Newbie

    Haha thank you Jem!!!! And Ron imma have to check those out :D

  • Richard LyallRichard Lyall Posts: 1,187 mod

    Hi @ratpersona these are great, and a lovely example of how to use textures in a subtle way to add character and a natural effect.

  • ratpersonaratpersona Posts: 5 Newbie

    Thank you Richard! I’m keen to explore more use in terms of texture for commercial pieces, so far it’s been a lot of trial and error but I am enjoying the depth texture has given some of my more simple drawings too!

  • JeffJeff Posts: 642 mod

    Really like the first image almost looks like a rat in a snowglobe :) Of course if I mention rat with my wife around she'll run for the hills.

  • @ratpersona ... I love that bottom one... Snooz Baby !.. I think the work really pops being on a white background.

  • ScarletFrostScarletFrost Posts: 10 Newbie

    Rats are so cool! I love how you have magical and adorable interpretations. I would love to see them on toddler pajamas! :P

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